This comic has been made by Luigi Baglio, to participate the ENEL contest "Energia in Gioco" 2008 edition; this contest is organized by ENEL. It is a contest with a theme and on that a project must be made, in the 2008 contest case, the theme was about the illumination of a monument, that is, highlight places in the cities that often end up being forgotten. The monument that you can see in the comic really exists and is a statue of St. Ciro, placed at Via Corso dei Mille in Marineo; this statue has been given by some emigrants in USA as gift to the Marineo community.
The author’s thought
"Watching the drawings after a lot of time I must say that they really disgust me. When I made the comic was a lot of time that I didn’t draw, for that reason the quality is too much low. The drawings are not detailed, the backgrounds miss of quality and of details, it is the classic comic made by a beginner, nothing more.
In every case this is my thought, I don’t want to influence you, you are free to think worse or better of that; good reading."
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