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Before start playing follow the steps proposed in this page; then if you need more information, visit Game info.
Step 1
Simple to download jSnake click on the green arrow.
Download jSnake

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Step 2
When the download of the game is complete, you must download and install the Java Virtual Machine (JVM); if you are a Linux user read the step 3.
Download Java
Step 3
Once the JVM download is complete, run the executable file and proceed with the JVM installation. For Linux users this might not be necessary, in fact probably the JVM is already installed on the computer. For more details about the JVM installation on Linux visit the page Java on Linux.
Now that the JVM is installed it is enough for you to launch the executable file "jSnake.jar". ATTENTION, if in the computer it is installed a firewall, might happen that it tries to stop the game, allow the JVM to run network operation, the game doesn’t access to internet but do a check that many firewalls could stop. If you want you can insert the "jSnake.jar" file in a folder like "Document" and with a link launch it from the "desktop", in this way you avoid to find uncomfortable files produced by the application, remember that some of these files are reserved by the game. For more details read the page Game info.