In this page you find some drawings made by Luigi Baglio, let’s see the details.
The first drawing that you can see is a complex one, it is the cover of the XMesh magazine [official site, buy], an ex Italian magazine about video games development; in this case the theme of the cover was jSnake.
Made the cover took one month, first a sketch has been made on paper, then the digitalized sketch has been elaborated with Photoshop. To elaborate the image the author has used a graphics tablet, then thanks to the Photoshop filters and a lot of hand-feed work especially for the mountains, a "realistic" effect was given to the final image. Entering more in the detail the psd file at the end of the work included 365 visible levels with a file dimension of 289MB (1988 x 3071 pixels at 300dpi).
As you can see below in the image’s background there is a wood, that wood has been made by placing one to one the trees, to recreate for how much possible a realistic effect, they will be ∼300 unity; however to decrease the file dimension the whole wood has been combined into one level. Under the leaves of the trees there are really branches and are articulated for a better realism. (the author likes stuffs done very well)
The cover with the article is the best Public Relation result about jSnake promotion.
XMesh cover
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The drawing below it is a flower that he has seen, he liked the shape and colors, so, he decided to shot a picture of the flower and therefore to draw it, above all to try certain drawing techniques like hatching and therefore learn how to make shade and light.
To make the drawing he used a sheet of normal print paper (A4), a pencil (HB), an eraser and a piece of paper rolled up to form a cylinder, used for draw shades; rubbed on the graphite made it uniform.
The reference image to make the drawing was of dimensions 31cm x 24.5cm (12.4″ x 9.8″), the drawing has been scaled in comparison to the original image by 0.277. What in the drawing below seem big, in the real drawing it is very small, the image of the drawing has slightly been retouched with Photoshop for a best surrender with the monitor.
In general it is not a very precise drawing, approximately respects the lines of the original photo.
Original photo
Graphite on normal paper.