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  • What is jSnake?
    • The Snake, that game that got you hooked on the Nokia cell phone. Now imagine to find it on your computer... well sometimes dreams come true! In fact jSnake is the computer version of the famous Snake game. You will find 6 levels and 10 different difficulties; players who love this game will find bread for their teeth.
  • Which Operating Systems are supported?
    • Being developed for the Java platform, the game will run in any Operating System supported by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), namely:
      • Microsoft Windows Desktop platform (tested);
      • Linux (tested);
      • Mac.
  • Can I run this game? AKA System Requirements
    • All you need is any computer with the JVM installed, a keyboard, a mouse and the will to play!
  • How many players are supported?
    • jSnake is a single-player game.
  • Is this game a complete version?
    • Yes, there are no limits as to how long and how far you can play. All levels and difficulties are enabled in this version.
  • Do I have to pay to play?
    • Absolutely not. This game was born for being free, and it will remain free, if someone wants to sell you this game, do not accept it! Instead please contact the author.